Rules & Regulations


  • Picnics are part of the school's official activities and are a healthy recreation. The children are accompanied by their teachers for a one-day picnic in a place of natural beauty. It is compulsory for all students to attend these picnics.

  • Picnics are conducted once a year and only on a holiday.

  • The picnic is heavily subsided and students pay for only their transport and food expenses.

  • Students should deposit this amount with the class teacher or with the designated authority.

  • Students should carry simple snacks and drinking water.

  • Although all precautions are taken in providing the very best facilities and making the picnic as comfortable and memorable as ever, hitches could occur owing to circumstances beyond our control.

  • Although all picnic parties generally return by 5 p.m. at the latest, there could be delays owing to traffic congestions, vehicular breakdowns and other causes beyond human control. Parents are requested to make special note of this.

  • The Principal , on security grounds and any other reason, at his sole discretion cancel the picnic at the last minute.