Rules & Regulations

Excursions Camps

  • At the beginning of each year teachers select a number of excursions and camps for students to attend. All excursions and camps form an integral part of the teaching and learning programme. These activities are arranged to provide students with with stimulating, practical, relevant experience to reinforce learning and important social experiences.

  • The school views these excursions and camps to be extremely valuable and worthwhile to the holistic development of the individual, hence, all students above ten years of age must compulsorily take part in these activities.

  • These trips are subsidized and a nominal fee for transportation, accommodation, food and general expenses will be charged. All trips should pay for themselves and be self-supporting. The duration of the camp is approximately seven days.

  • For field trips, whether it is a class activity or an extra- curricular activity, students must get parental approval and consent.

  • Detailed information of the itinerary, time of departure, purpose of the trip, boarding and lodging arrangements etc. can be had from the teacher-in-charge. In field trips where overnight stay is involved, parents are advised to take a contact number from the concerned teachers.