Rules & Regulations

Computer Lab

  • Do not tie up the network with idle activities.
  • Do not play games with others on the network or on the Internet. Networks are not designed for computer games.
  • Do not download huge files unless directed to do so by your teacher.
  • Download only the information you need.
  • Use your access time efficiently. Remember, there are many students who need to use the network.
  • Do not wastefully use computer supplies such as paper, printer ribbons or cartridges, or disk space.
  • Never give out personal information about yourself or others such as home addresses and telephone numbers. If anyone asks you for this information let your teachers know immediately.
  • Never agree to meet face-to-face with someone you meet online.
  • If you find a site with materials on it that makes you uncomfortable, tell your teacher immediately.
  • Tell your teacher if someone sends you electronic mail that is inappropriate. Do not respond to such messages yourself.
  • Do not open an E-mail attachment from someone you do not know.
  • Strict adherence to these rules and discipline code is compulsory and non-compliance will invite stringent disciplinary measures.